35 Ingenious Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Homes And Garages

6. Turn on some lights.

Dark places tend to invite rodents. Making sure areas are well lit can help prevent mice from deciding to make a nest. They are nocturnal and hate the bright lights.

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7. Cover entry points with aluminum foil.

For some reason, rodents dislike aluminum foil. If you line the bases of your doors and other cracks with the thin sheets of metal, they won’t enter. If you have food on your counter, wrap it in aluminum foil to keep the rodents from eating it.

Source: Marco Verch

8. Select proper bait.

If you are trying to trap mice, it’s important to use the correct bait. Different mice have different preferences. Use whatever they have been eating in your home as bait. You can also use nesting material like cotton balls as bait.

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9. Tie the bait to the trap tigger.

The last thing you want is for the mice to “make off with the cheese”, so to speak. Try using dental floss to attach the bait to the trigger of the trap so the mice can’t easily steal it. You can also glue it on with hot glue.

Source: Stan Zurek

10. Spray some peppermint oil around.

Not only will it make your house smell nice, but it will also keep mice away. Just make sure to mind your pets if you have them. It can irritate the respiratory tracks of dogs and cats.

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