60 Cute Holiday Treats That Are Easy To Make

Christmas parties and family gatherings are upon you again. What better way to celebrate than to impress the gang with your newfound cooking skills? These treats are easy to make and look super cute!

1) Face Reveal

Okay, so this is Marshmello, but he is just as cute. All you need are cupcakes, marshmallows and a few accessories to pull these off. Those pretzel sticks are just waiting to become arms.

Source: Cooking Classy

2) Stocking Bark

You thought that chocolate Santas were simple stocking stuffers up until this moment. Now you know you can dress up some almond bark by adding them on top as the bark cools.

Source: Sprinkles Bakes

3) They Look Homemade

Anyone can make cookie cutter cookies, but it takes a real connoisseur of taste to make these vanilla bean dreams. The icing is whipped buttercream and the cookie’s texture is perfect!

Source: Half Baked Harvest

4) Fun to Work With

After working with marzipan on these trees, you’ll fall in love and start making snowmen, santa hats, and reindeer. It’s like fondant only it actually tastes good!

Source: O Happy Day

5) Pre-Slicing Optional

Although having a pie plate that presliced the brownies for you is convenient, it isn’t necessary, so don’t worry about it. What you do need are reindeer antlers and rudolph red M&Ms.

Source: Kitchen Fun with My Sons

6) Donut Leave These for Santa

Guess what flavor these delicious donuts are! Gingerbread. So yeah, extra Christmassy and tasty. Why Krispy Kreme doesn’t sell them in the winter, we’ll never know.

Source: A-Kitchen-Addiction

7) Easy Peasy Strawberry Squeezy

All you need for these are cool whip and strawberries, simple as that. Even adding the eyes is optional, but you can do so with candy eyes or icing. Get it, “eye-cing?”

Source: Smart Schoolhouse

8) Peppermint Dreams

If you want to impress the peppermint lovers in your life, then these cookies are for you. They are just like the ones you get at Walmart only much more peppermint.

Source: Lecremedala Crumb

9) Time to Decorate

If you can pipe a cupcake, you can make these trees. You can even buy the icing in a piping bag, candy stars, and pre-made cupcakes. No one will ever know.

Source: I Knead to Eat

10) Feeling Exotic?

If you like pine nuts, and yes, you do, then you’ll love these little cookies. They are called Pignoli Cookies and they are an Anne Burrell creation, straight from Italy.

Source: Food Network

11) It’s Not Paper

All you need are tortillas and powdered sugar to make the same paper snowflakes you made as kids. Only this time, they are edible and not just by your little brother. He ate glue too.

Source: Buzzfeed

12) Shake It Up

There’s something about snowglobes that are so magical and it’s not all those Christmas movies about them. These snowglobe cookies are one of my favorites and should be yours too.

Source: Cookie Connection

13) Ore-Uh-Oh

If you love Oreos and you love peppermint, then this is your cookie. They are easier than they look and they store great, unlike a few other treats on our list.

Source: Serious Eats

14) Are You Listening?

Do you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland yet? All these white chocolate Reese’s are making me want peanut butter and see the magic of a white christmas.

Source: i Heart Naptime

15) No Cookie Cutters!

Feel free to use cookie cutters if you have them, but if you don’t then go ahead and try to make trees with a simple kitchen knife. Then buy a whole bunch of different green sprinkles for variety.

Source: BHG

16) Spend Money, Not Time

If you want to make an impact without putting in any work, then you can just buy this kit online. Or you can make it yourself with Ritz crackers, peanut butter, and chocolate.

Source: Something Swanky

17) Snack Packs

These little snowmen are so cute! And who doesn’t love truffles? The best part though is buying the 90 calorie packs of Oreos and placing them on Frosty’s head, just like the song.

Source: The-Girl-Who-Ate-Everything

18) It’s Magic

Make these eggnog cupcakes adult treats by spiking the frosting with rum or leave it out for the kids. Either way, they taste amazing, if you’re totally into eggnog.

Source: Bakers Royale

19) Oh Christmas Wreath

What house is complete without a wreath on the door? None! So make some rice crispie wreaths so everyone feels at home. We all know how easy rice crispies are to make!

Source: Buzzfeed

20) Disney+ Christmas Party

You can get a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter for next to nothing or you can shape your own with three circles. Either way, the best part is decorating them to spread the holiday spirit.

Source: The Partiologist

21) Do the Meringue

The only time of year when Meringue is better than Salsa. Adding peppermint to your meringue cups then topping them with chocolate ganache makes you look like Martha Stewart. Wait…this is actually a Martha Stewart recipe!

Source: Martha Stewart

22) For the Kids

These chocolate covered marshmallows are so easy, a kid could make them. Meaning, they are perfect for that party your kid is throwing that you are totally unprepared for!

Source: Yellow Blissroad

23) Fill the Tins

If you don’t make this holiday popcorn and put it in metal tins to give out to in-laws and co-workers, then are you even celebrating Christmas? Didn’t think so.

Source: Buzzfeed

24) Like Willy Wonka’s

The only thing better than peppermint ice cream or apple cider in a cup, is drinking it in an edible one. Just make sure the drink isn’t too hot or it will melt the cup!

Source: sugarher0

25) Peppermint Bark

This one is done every year by at least one person at the Christmas party and that someone is you this year. Never a disappointment! People will be sticking pieces of this in their purse to smuggle home.

Source: Buzzfeed

26) Oh, That Cream Cheese

Peppermint again? Not so fast! These are imposters who look like candy cane cookies but are actually the super tasty red velvet cheesecake cookies. You’re welcome, picky eaters.

Source: Two Peas and Their Pod

27) Don’t Forget Your Friends

Remember Hannukah this Christmas season as you most likely have Jewish friends who will be celebrating. Instead of sending them Christmas trees, send them these marshmallow dreidels!

Source: Buzzfeed

28) You’re a Mean One

These cookies are cranky and crinkled just like the old Grinch, but they are also super tasty and warm. We don’t know what to say about that one, I mean we don’t know him personally.

Source: Simplistically Living

29) Ho Ho Ho!

These Santa hats are totally adorable and super easy. You can buy the mini brownies pre-made at almost any grocery store and top them with whipped cream and strawberries!

Source: Erica Sweet Tooth

30) Merry Barkmas

This puppy chow isn’t for pups but to make a tasty muddy buddy snack for your Christmas party. With peppermint and a sugar glaze, you’ll be snacking on this all day long.

Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

31) Gingerbread Party

These rice crispie gingerbread men will be sure to make your guests smile. Their happy faces and colorful buttons are everything! Plus, you can use Cocoa Pebbles!

Source: Clean and Scentsible

32) Feeling Ambitious?

This seven layer cookie is not for those who don’t want to put any effort into their dessert, but it is for those willing to take a change. To be honest, it’s pretty easy and looks top notch when you’re done.

Source: Smitten Kitchen

33) Bring the Tree to Life

All you need to make this tree is a little Christmas magic and a lot of Christmas cookies. Keep stacking until you are completely satisfied with your tree. Then it’s time to decorate.

Source: Get Creative Juice

34) Rollo, Rollo, Rollo with a Dab of Pretzel

Pretzels never fail with it comes to reindeer antlers. But they also make a great base to set him on too. These little guys never fail. Replace the red M&M with a brown one for regular reindeer.

Source: I Heart Naptime

35) Magical Men

These sugar sprinkles look magical on cupcakes, regardless of the snowmen mini chocolate chips. Although if you can find orange ones, you have yourself the perfect Christmas cupcake.

Source: One Little Project

36) Easiest Tree Treat

Make green rice crispie treatss, cut them apart and build this tree in nothing flat. It is by far the easiest tree and the easiest rice crispie “treat” that you can make.

Source: Cookies and Cups

37) Oh Snap!

If you want gingerbread cookies but don’t have the cookie cutter, try these cookies out. Dip half of them in white chocolate and decorate with a bit of holly for extra holiday spirit.

Source: Cooking Classy

38) Just Chocolate

Kiss, Reese’s, you’re done. What more is there to life? Even the icing here is option. Just add a star and you are good to go. Perfect for Christmas calanders.

Source: One Little Project

39) We Love Cake Pops

Everyone loves cake pops. If you’ve never made them before, don’t worry, this is the best time to learn. These snowmen will thank you and so will your guests.

Source: 52 Kitchen Adventures

40) It’s Time To Embrace the Culture

These little tea cakes are made in Italy, Mexico, and Russia. So why not start making them in America too? They taste amazing with a glass of milk! Or eggnog!

Source: Crazy for Crust

41) Let Them Help

These may look messy but that’s just because they are made with love. Make some krispies for your kids, let them help shape and do all of the decorating themself!

Source: Buzzfeed

42) Trust the Process

There’s no better topping for brownies than cream cheese, trust us. So spread that cream cheese frosting on those triangle brownies and you have yourself a holiday treat.

Source: Five Heart Home

43) Literally No Work

This cookie in a jar makes a great gift and yet you don’t have to do any cooking at all. Now if that’s not a win-win for everyone then I don’t know what is.

Source: Make-It-Do

44) Use the Muffin Tin

Gingerbread houses are not easy to make. Unless you use graham crackers! Add all the decorations to a muffin tin and let your little ones go to Christmas town!

Source: Buzzfeed

45) For the Sophisticated Dinner

If you don’t have time for tiny snowmen and Santa hats then make these brownies that will impress your boss, in-laws, and those at the Christmas ball.

Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

46) A Halloween Special

In the Midwest, everyone and their cousin give out popcorn balls for Halloween. Let’s move that tradition to Christmas with these peppermint popcorn lollipops.

Source: Mom on Time Out

47) Rice Crispie Treet

Those mini Reese’s make perfect tree trunks and the tree is so wonderfully decorated. Think you can do better with these Krispie Trees? We think so too, so have at it!

Source: OMG Chocolate Desserts

48) Gumdrop Forest

Gummy worms, gumdrops, fruit by the foot, and more! Try to switch it up with fruity candy this season and see how far you get. These snowmen are a great blacke to start.

Source: Buzzfeed

49) Chocolate Bark

Not everyone loves white chocolate or almond bark. For those people, make a batch of regular chocolate bark with snowmen for contrast.

Source: The Decorated Cookie

50) Celebrate the Eight

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, don’t worry, all you need are Tootsie Rolls and yellow Jelly Bellys to make this Hanukkah creation. The kids will thank you!

Source: Buzzfeed

51) Just Like Wally Used to Make

You either love these cookies or you’re wrong. They may be good when bought at the store but they are even better when you make them yourself.

Source: Sprinkle Bakes

52) It’s Up to You

This can be as easy or as difficult as you want. Get Oreos, Mini-Oreos, and store bought truffles or marshmallows for this or make your own truffles if you think you can.

Source: Buzzfeed

53) Make a Brownie and You’re Done

Easier than easy. If you don’t want to ice them, you can just use Twizzlers and licorice to decorate! And break away that checkered pretzel for the belt buckle.

Source: iHeart Naptime

54) Ugly Sweater Party

Break out every single decoration you have for these Christmas sweaters. Make a simple sheet cake and start decorating. It’s easy and it’s even better if it’s not perfect.

Source: Mom Loves Baking

55) Pizza Night

With the holiday season so busy, you may want to have a few pizza nights. Do so by tricking your kids to eat spinach with these Christmas tree slices.

Source: Buzzfeed

56) Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Who needs mini-marshmallows when you can have a snowman floating in your hot chocolate. Mini chocolate chips and a dash of orange is all you need to make him come alive.

Source: I am a Food Blog

57) Truffleopagus

These truffles are so festive and cute. They are a breeze to make as the shape of the trees are so natural to form. People will be asking for these for years to come.

Source: Love from the Oven

58) Dip Them, Decorate Them

These are very versatile. Cover them in chocolate or dip them for a winter wonderland on a starry night. You can even let the kids each decorate their own!

Source: Its Always Autumn

59) Another Oreo Treat

You can buy white chocolate covered Oreos around the holiday season. Add chocolate ears and M&M noses for impressive treats with very little effort.

Source: Everyday Dishes

60) Use That Star Bit

It’s hard to find a use for that piping star bit. Now you can use it to make little Christmas trees on anything from Ritz crackers to chocolate brownies. Don’t forget the ornaments.

Source: Erica Sweet Tooth

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