60 Weird Photos That Can’t Be Unseen

60 Weird Photos That Can’t Be Unseen

These images are either weird, cursed, or show the underside of everyday life. For these reasons, we know that we were never meant to lay our eyes on them. And what do we do when something isn’t really meant to be seen? We just HAVE to check it out!

1) Bigger Than a Breadbox

ADVERTISEMENTLooking at a streetlight from down below makes it look about as big as one’s arm. But the truth is that it would be quite a struggle to even carry one by yourself.

Source: Reddit

2) Not Predator

It may look like this thing could swallow you whole and love doing so, but it’s actually just a turtle. Yep, this is what the inside of a turtle’s mouth looks like. Sweet dreams.

Source: Twitter

3) Earned His Stripes

You would assume that tigers have striped fur and plain skin. But as with most mammals, their skin matches their fur. Same with leopards and cheetahs!

Source: Honest to Paws

4) Just Try It

Every color that exists in your mind also exists in real life. You can try to create a new one, but it can already be created with Paint or Photoshop. It even has a name!

Source: Reddit

5) Why Even Add Them?

Thre aren’t many words that only need one out of the five letters to make it sound the same. But Queue is one of those. So whoever invented this word is just trying to be fancy.

Source: Homestuck or Bust

6) Howdy, Partner

So this is what it would look like if they didn’t put the walls up between stalls. It would be like a urinal party for number two. No one wants to see that.

Source: Reddit

7) Just Look At It

ADVERTISEMENTNow you can’t unsee it. Your nose, it’s always there, and you just ignore it. Talk about observant. Does it make you wonder what else you are ignoring?

Source: Raise Your Brain

8) Hoot Hoot

That’s right, this is a shaved owl, not some prehistoric bird. He doesn’t look quite as wise, does he? It’s amazing what a good cut can do for a person…or fowl.

Source: Reddit

9) Cutting It Close

Just because you were born at the exact same time as someone, doesn’t mean you share a birthday. If you were born on December 1st in the USA, someone in Australia would be born on December 2nd that same day.

Source: Tumblr

10) Mirror, Mirror

It’s true. There is no possible way to see your own face unless you’re a ghost looking at your own body or something graphic happens. So, let’s just be glad we can’t see ourselves.

Source: Whisper

11) I Caught a Spider Rat

This looks disgusting and creepy. But it’s actuallly just paint before it gets mixed. It’s amazing how we never see this type of thing unless we work at Home Depot.

Source: Reddit

12) How Did It Come To This?

So, it would make a lot more sense if this said, “no food or drink.” But it doesn’t. It specified Oreos due to recent events. Now I’d like to know exactly what Oreo catastrophe happened.

Source: Reddit

13) Well, You Are

Every single breath you take for the next several seconds, or maybe even minutes, will be manual. Most of the time, you breathe automatically. Well, that’s about to change.

Source: Know Your Meme

14) It’s Pregnant

How old were you when you found out that camping lighters are just regular lighters inside casing? You learn something new every day, don’t you?

Source: Astrology Memes

15) The Best Convention

In the US, we have conventions celebrating Asian culture. In Asia, it appears the tables have turned. They are celebrating the invention of Coca-Cola.

Source: Imgur

16) Or Voorhees

This could mean anything, but was it really a coincidence that JASON is spelled out with the last five months of the year? I think not! Now you’ll never unsee it.

Source: Me.me

17) As Expected

Just like a juekbox, the Redbox machine is built on a wheel conveying discs to its users. But I bet you have never even stopped to imagine what the inside looks like.

Source: Reddit

18) Vamped A Bit

This is what a heart looks like completely drained of blood. Meaning, that we all have pure hearts of white. Unless of course, you have a serious medical problem.

Source: Facebook

19) Lend a Hand

Pretty sure that no one in the whole world knows where this hand is coming from. No matter how you look at it, you can’t make it make sense.

Source: Reddit

20) My World is Upside Down

This guy has cracked the code. Jif upside down is still Jif. You know what we should flip over next? Everything. We must uncover every secret they try to keep from us.

Source: Twitter

21) Actually, Kinda Cute

There’s something about ultrasounds that are rather precious. But what about when it comes to canines? Still sweet, though you may scratch your head wondering how they all fit.

Source: Twitter

22) Can You Feel It Now?

This Patrick never should have seen the light of day. Some sick, talented individual created it and will surely regret the way that he haunts the internet.

Source: Ask Ideas

23) Only the High End Ones

The free bowling balls that you use at the bowling alley are pretty boring inside. But the nice ones, they are pretty amazing inside. Just look at this contraption!

Source: Reddit

24) A Lot of Bread Ties

This needs little to no explanation because there is little to no explanation. Someone tied a whole loaf of bread on their head and we still have no idea why.

Source: Net Art Net

25) You Never Know

Show of hands as to who knew where pineapples came from. Did you knw that they grew like this and the field looks inconspicuous while they sprout?

Source: Flickr

26) We Don’t Ask Questions

You’re probably wondering how this pupper got stuck in a small fish tank like this. Well, is it true that a pup never outgrows his tank? Let’s hope so, the poor pupper.

Source: Reddit


27) Fidget Caller

So, this fidget spinner is also a phone and now we’re all freaking out. At least it’s easy to charge. All you have to do is spin it and you’ll be at full battery life in no time.

Source: Reddit

28) Simpler Than You Might Think

This is what happens when you hit a ball in one of the pockets of a pool table. Not quite the mystery you imagined as a kid, but satisfying all the same.

Source: Reddit

29) Everything is Coming Together

All these years of never realizing that you can make a corn on the cob with candy corn! Now I feel like there are so many mysteries in this world that I’ll never discover them all.

Source: Me.me

30) That Little Switch

The same goes for your clock which always tells you the right time, even on the icon. But the flashlight is even more impressive because it’s so unnecessary. Thank you for this.

Source: Twitter

31) She Loves Them Double Stuffed

This is one crazy hairstyle and I kind of wish I could unsee it, no matter how immaculate it is. I bet she’s not even allowed in that library that banned Oreos.

Source: Acid Cow

32) There’s A Building Under There

This is what the ivy growing up the side of buildings looks like when it’s all torn down. It takes a whole team or construction trucks to move it due to the weight and size.

Source: Reddit

33) Nothing to See Here

We have no idea why this girl is in a fridge or what kind of blessed/cursed pendant she is holding. Is she a witch? Is she hiding from one? Are these graduation pictures?

Source: Acid Cow

35) Lunch is a Lie

When you think about it, this isn’t surprising. There needs to be room for the air to escape and the noodles to drop. But it’s still disappointing to see half the noodles you expected.

Source: Imgur

35) She Got the Job

ADVERTISEMENTMaybe this would make more sense if she was in the ocean or river instead of a swamp or if the chair was pristine. But you know what, we don’t just, Swamp Thing.

Source: Acid Cow

36) Now We Know

This is one you have probably actually wondered about. What is in the machine at the gas station? You press the button but you never knew what happened inside…until now.

Source: Imgur

37) It Could Be 7:12

This is one crazy observation and now I’m going to try to see every single time on the clock next year. It’s a challenge that we all must strive to complete.

Source: Tumblr

38) Merry Gothmas

They look like one happy family, do they not? Santa must have loved taking this picture and is sure to bring them all the Slipknot CDs and knee high combat boots that they want.

Source: Imgur

39) Recycled?

Since it would be rather foolish to color the inside of the golf balls, we’re gonna assume that they are recycled bouncy balls. Or are they color coded? Hmmm…

Source: Imgur

40) That’s Illegal

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that surfing in a public fountain is illegal on so many levels. So this shot is incriminating evidence, burn it.

Source: Acid Cow

41) Is It Though?

That is not what I mean when I say it, but is that the origin? Turns out, yes, it is one of the meanings of this phrase. After all, what holds the horses? The stable! So be one.

Source: Twitter

42) This is Cursed

Here’s one of those cursed images that you just can’t stop looking at. I mean, he did do a really good job at and yes, that is Rhett from Good Mythical Morning.

Source: Whatever if its Funny Me

43) We Were Never Meant to Know

Apparently, it gets hot in those suits because it’s time for a water break. If this is the first time you’re seeing the faces behind the legends, then I am so sorry for ruining your childhood.

Source: Twitter

44) Thank You, Mother

What a good mother that Mother Nature is for slicing our oranges for us. Now if only we could convince her to peel them too. But hey, at least the peel protects them.

Source: Tumblr

45) Say What Now?

So you’re saying that Squidward is an octopus even though his name is “Squidward?” Next you’ll be telling us that SpongeBob isn’t a sponge and that Sandy is an opossum.

Source: Twitter

46) Empty or Full?

This is one of those illusions that will keep you scratching your head for hours. Is this a full cup of coffee or an empty one? It’s half and half so far.

Source: Reddit

47) So Simple

So, the fire alarm looks all cool and stuff, but there’s actually just a tiny little switch inside and the case is just to make it look appealing for teen pranksters.

Source: Imgur

48) Never Do This

ADVERTISEMENTNot sure if this is a tattoo or what but it should be banned from existence. The more you look at it, the more you love it and hate it. So please, look away before you fall in love.

Source: Daily Mail

49) Under the Grates

This is what is under the burners on your gas stove. So metal, right? Makes you want to use an electric one from now on because that is freaky.

Source: Reddit

50) Frog Leg, Anyone?

Let’s hope that this is fake because if it’s not, someone is getting sued big time. That is a frog leg in a popsicle and it’s not even fried. So no delicacies here!

Source: Reddit

51) Hanging From a Clif

Remember that skit on Between the Lions where they sing, “Cliff Hanger hanging from a cliff, and that’s why he’s called Cliff Hanger!” Now it’s Clif Bar hanging from a cliff!

Source: Reddit

52) The Inner Most Layer

This looks like a Dungeons and Dragons die and now nerds everywhere are opening their old Magic 8 Balls to make their Dungeon Master go crazy.

Source: Magic 8 Ball

53) Not a Missile

This is not a missile and is not nuclear. It’s actually just the entirety of a fire hydrant. It’s like Diglet from Pokemon all over again. Not recovering from this one anytime soon.

Source: Imgur

54) And the Next Layer

Here is that outer layer between the die and the cast. Looks so simple yet you wonder exactly how it works. It is a toy that has existed since the 1950, so it can only be so complex.

Source: Magic 8 Ball

55) Not True!

Okay, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to be angry about it. All this time, we’ve been making fake bar codes on scrap paper and thinking they could be read, but we were doing it all wrong.

Source: Tumblr

56) Toyota Camelry 2020

This camel is so chill istting here waiting for his master to get back from grabbing a few snacks. Now who wants to go on a trip to wherever this is legal?

Source: Imgur

57) Yetis Only

So, these yetis are taking a tour of the city and no one else is invited. Makes you wonder if a yeti or a human is driving them. Maybe a fairy or an elf?

Source: Reuters

58) I Trust Him

If you don’t trust this cop with your life then are you even a real human? Because he and his trusty unicorn steed have been fighting evil for centuries!

Source: Pikabu

59) What? That!

This is crazy! The great Ws can be answered with the great Ts, all this time and no one knew it. The English language is quite the conundrum that we will never understand in full.

Source: Pinterest

60) It’s All Fun and Games

Until you see his shoes, that is. Those shoes are on another level. A level that none of us will reach on this lifetime. I pray him many good fortunes and favors on his life.

Source: Imgur

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