75 Cake Decorators Who Took Instructions Too Literally

6. “I want nothing on the cake”

If there’s anything you should learn from these, it’s to be very specific when you order a cake. For example, never tell a bakery you want “nothing” on the cake.

7. Wait, where are we celebrating?

In case you’re confused, they wanted the words “Let’s celebrate” in the middle of the cake. Instead, they got this confusing suggestion that probably prompted a lot of questions at the party.

8. Is this how you speak Spanish?

When you tell the bakery staff you want the cake to say “Happy Birthday” in Spanish, you might get…well, exactly that.

9. Technology and cakes don’t mix

So here’s what happened: the customer had a picture saved on an old phone and wanted the bakery to print the photo on the cake. They left the phone there so the bakers could access it. There was a slight misunderstanding…

10. She’s got to say yes to a severed hand

When you’re going to propose to your girlfriend, the best way to do it is in cake form, of course. But make sure it’s as garish and bizarre as possible, complete with a Halloween hand.