Turn Everyday Items Into Adorable Christmas Decor

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the countdown to Christmas is officially on, it’s time to trim the tree. But, if you’re looking for some new ornaments to add to the mix this year, there’s no need to go shopping or spend big bucks. You can just as easily DIY with everyday items in your home!

Cereal boxes, K-cups, toilet paper rolls, light bulbs, old sweaters, mason jar lids, and even cinnamon sticks are all things that can be turned into fabulous tree decorations.

Even an old house key can be turned into an adorable ornament like this one here.

If you need some ideas, then check out these 55 upcycled Christmas ornaments that you can make with everyday household items right now.

Source: craftsbyamanda

1) Toilet Paper Snowman Ornament

What does a toilet roll, tissue paper, and a snowman have in common? When they’re all rolled into one, they make a whimsical holiday centerpiece!

Learn how to make this toilet paper snowman over on this blog here.

Source: Crafty Morning

2) Metal Juice Can Top Ornaments

You know those frozen juice cans that are made of cardboard and come with a metal top? Well, save those metal tops! They’re perfect for upcycling into these cute photo ornaments.

Follow the instructions on this blog here to learn how to make them.

Source: The Crafting Chicks

3) Grandma’s Old Brooch Ornament

If you’re not down with wearing grandma’s old costume jewelry, then drape it on your Christmas tree and give it a sparkly new look! What may be too fancy for you is perfect for the the blingy holiday season.

This blog here has more info on using vintage costume jewelry as ornaments.

Source: Nancy Moser

4) Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments

When the light goes out, don’t toss the old bulbs into the trash. Save them so you can make these adorable penguin ornaments!ADVERTISEMENT

This blog here will show you exactly how to make old light bulbs shine bright again.

Source: Upcycle That

5) Vintage Holiday Lights Ornament

If you have vintage holiday light bulbs hiding in your attic, then this DIY will light up your Christmas tree in an entirely new way. Modge Podge and glitter it like crazy to get the shiny, mirror-like effect.

Check out this blog here for a full tutorial.

Source: Balancing Home
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